Our Purpose 

FPD provides a forum for planners involved in the development and/or implementation of comprehensive planning and land management policies, techniques, and procedures at federal properties or by federal agencies located within the United States and abroad; 

We promote professional communication among members of the Division through a variety of member services and publications such as newsletters, conference sessions, workshops, webinars, and social media and conduct outreach to future federal planners. 

FPD fosters positive and equitable economic, environmental, and social relationships between federal properties and their adjacent non-federal communities or areas. 

FPD supports and promotes all federal planning programs that:

  • Protect and enhance federal properties
  • Improve the quality of life of the many individuals who live on, work on, and/or use federal lands and facilities. 
  • Provide technical and/or financial assistance to state, regional and local communities in the United States, and to both US interests and national governments abroad.