FPD’s Executive Committee (EC) consists of volunteers from a variety of agencies and private companies.  The EC works collaboratively to provide direction and leadership for the Division.  Elections are held every year.  One of the two Vice Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer assume office on odd-numbered years.  The other Vice Chair and the Chair assume office on even-numbered years.  Specific information about eligibility and roles can be found on the bylaws.  To contact EC members, please email federalplanning@gmail.com.

Chair - Shenita McConis, PE, PMP, AICP

Vice Chair - Traycee Verdun Chapman

Vice Chair - Brittany Bates

Treasurer - Emily Ferguson, AICP

Secretary - Diane Sullivan 

Communications Coordinator - Katie Benzel, AICP

Membership Coordinator - Daniel Wheat, AICP 

Professional Development Officer - Heather Mendenall, AICP, CCF

Assistant Professional Development Officer - Ricqui Brager, AICP  

Diversity - Equity - Inclusion Officer - Nikki Boler

Student Representative - Reagan Smith

Workshop Conference Chair - Britta Ayers, AICP, PMP 

Immediate Past Chair - Wayne W. Hausser, PE, AICP

Emerging Professionals Co-Chair - Tara Pence

Emerging Professionals Co-Chair - Dana Orkin

Awards Program Chair - Travis Willer, AICP 

APA Engagement Coordinator - Jill A. Schreifer, AICP, PMP

2024 FPD Leadership