Workshops and Meetings

Building Back Better

This year’s workshop theme of “Building Back Better” celebrates federal planning projects, programs and collaborative approaches that effectively balance human, environmental, and fiscal requirements in federal placemaking.  We are excited to create unique networking experiences that celebrate and connect our members with non-profit organizations that support local active duty, retired, and military family communities in San Diego County

Connect with Planning Professionals from Around the World

The Federal Planning Division Annual Training Workshop is the premier annual training and networking opportunity for federal planners. Earn valuable elective and mandatory AICP credit maintenance (CM) while learning about innovative best practices in federal planning from agency and private sector subject matter experts and leadership. Gaining new technical capabilities through skill-building workshops, networking with practitioners from other sectors and agencies, and exploring successful planning initiatives through hands-on mobile tours. Engage with federal, state and local agency representatives, consultants, technical experts, and academics about how planners play a significant role in the successful execution of interconnected federal infrastructure initiatives:

  • Climate Action Planning

  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

  • Energy and Water Resiliency

  • Multi-Modal and Autonomous Transportation

  • Integrating "Smart" Technologies in Federal Buildings and Places

  • Cyber-Security of Mission Critical Facilities 

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FPD Webinar Series

The Federal Planning Division of the APA is excited to  share our ongoing Webinar Series. Join us to learn about innovative planning approaches and get those CMs. We look forward to “seeing” you there!

FPD Webinars