The Federal Planning Division's Annual Award Program celebrates the great planning efforts over the last year.  To recognize such amazing work within our profession the FPD has designated three tiers of excellence. The highest award is the “Honor” award, followed by the “Merit” award and the “Citation” award.  Below are highlights from the top awardees in each of the 7 categories. A link at the bottom has all the awardees for 2023.  

The Rik Wiant Award is given to individuals who demonstrate sustained and significant contributions to the federal planning profession, and who have demonstrated significant leadership in promoting and encouraging planning at the federal level. The category is open to any FPD member or federal employee who has contributed to federal agency planning in a substantial manner over a sustained period, as well as to the development and mission of the FPD in general. This award recognizes effective contributions and leadership within the profession through distinguished practice, management, consulting, and promotion of sound planning within the federal sector.

Category 1 - Outstanding Federal Planning Program

2023 Federal Planning Division Outstanding Federal Program

Category 2 - Outstanding Federal Planning Project

2023 FPD Awards Outstanding Federal Project

Category 3 - Outstanding Area/Site Development Plan

FPD 2023 Awards Outstanding Area/Site Development Plan

Category 4 - Outstanding Technical Plan/Study

FPD 2023 Awards Outstanding Technical Plan/Study

Category 5 - Outstanding Environmental Planning Project

FPD 2023 Awards Outstanding Environmental Planning Project

Category 6 - Outstanding Collaborative Planning Project

FPD 2023 Awards Outstanding Collaborative Planning Project

Category 7 - Rik Wiant Distinguished Service and Leadership Award

FPD 2023 Awards Rik Wiant Distinguished Service and Leadership Award

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